Good for People,

Kind to the Planet

Ventures Manifesto

We need to transform the AgriFood industry, as climate change, population growth, healthcare crisis, and changing consumer preferences, all require a new approach to how we produce, distribute, and consume food

Welcome to FLORA, the new AgriFood VC fund that identifies, backs and partners with the best purpose-driven entrepreneurs, who are redefining the AgriFood & Sustainability industries to make food that is good for people, and kind to the planet

At FLORA, we bring together a proprietary deal-flow, hands-on deep industry know-how, an international network, and access to smart capital that will transform pioneering ventures into globally successful companies

Today’s biggest challenges are becoming tomorrow’s greatest returns

We are committed to invest in startups that generate high Return on Investment and on Impact (ROI²)
Purpose considerations are embedded into the fund-level and at all investment stages
We are proud members of leading industry impact and sustainability initiatives
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